the family fritz

i love the smell of a fresh clean blog in the morning. though, technically it’s afternoon. whatever.

i used to write some other blogs, pink lady knits, the practical gourmet, and my name is tucker. however, recently a man came into my life and changed all of my priorities. he has blond hair and blue eyes, is just over two feet tall, and weighs a whopping 22 pounds. he has a “proper” name, but i just call him shnicklefritz. this pet name has been passed down through the generations, and most of the people in my family have been called snicklefritz (i added the “h”) at some point in their lives. anyway, fritz is awesome, and i’m planning on using this blog to document just how much my life has changed because of him.

here we are, mama fritz, fritz, and papa fritz.

5.21 family

he just turned nine months old, so you’ve missed a lot. i won’t hold that against you though.


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