market haul this week

every thursday i go to the farmer’s market here in towson, maryland. the selection is amazing though the market is quite small (i’m using the one under the jfx as comparison, so it may be a good size to someone else). i try to get a good variety of fruits and vegetables and usually have one “splurge” item. i never spend more than $40, and try to keep it closer to $30. here’s what i got this week:

  • 3 gigantic zucchini (to be pureed for fritz)
  • 6 beautiful white peaches (i got these last week and fritz and i devoured them)
  • one pint of perfect blueberries (for fritz’s breakfast)
  • two heads of broccoli (fritz hasn’t had broccoli yet, so i’m thinking about pureeing this for him but i’m not sure yet)
  • one bunch of rainbow chard (for a sausage, chard, and feta frittata next week)
  • a massive bunch of basil (for pesto next week, and also for fritz’s zucchini)
  • a huge bunch of dill (thinking about making pickles and also salmon with tzaztiki sauce)

i didn’t have a “splurge” this week, all things were reasonably priced. i spent $21.


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