billy goat gruff

when papa fritz and i found out i was pregnant we knew that we wouldn’t settle for anything other than the “perfect” nursery furniture. we looked online and in stores, but we were never happy. either the look or the quality was lacking. months went by and we were reaching the point where the baby was going to arrive prior to his bedroom set. i knew we had to make a choice, so we finally decided to take the plunge and buy a beautiful and costly set by bonavita. the metro collection was everything we’d been looking for. cool, modern, sophisticated, and elegant. it had the potential of growing with fritz all the way though his teenage years, and in my head i had these grainy images of me sitting with him reviewing homework at his “perfect” desk.

$2400 later, we had furniture and it was just what we had been hoping it would be for the 6 months we’d searched.

tonight fritz managed to ruin it in a matter of 30 seconds. he turned into a billy goat and gnawed on the beautiful cherry finish, leaving telltale teething chomps in his $500 crib.

Billy Goat Gruff

tomorrow, i am investing in one of these.


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