dinner for fritz

the instant i found out i was pregnant with fritz i knew i would be investing in this machine. i was (and am) committed to making food for fritz that is local and organic whenever possible. in addition to starting him out with a healthy appreciation for a natural approach to food, it is considerably cheaper to take this approach. i won’t lie to you and tell you it takes no time at all, but i will say that it is time well spent.

in the beginning fritz just had steamed and pureed vegetables. but lately (now that he is 9 months old) we’ve begun to introduce some blends. i thought i’d share two “recipes” with you. fritz really liked both of these dishes.


on the top/left is steamed and pureed summer squash, no recipe needed there. i got the squash from the farmers market and i used the beaba to steam and puree.

on the right is a blend of red new potatoes, asparagus, and basil. i got all of the vegetables from the farmers market. you can do this without the beaba, but i used that to make it easier. either way: wash the vegetables and herbs, do not peel (a lot of nutrients are in the skin of vegetables). dice the vegetables and add to a pot with a steaming attachment (or use the beaba on water setting 3). steam until fork tender and then puree until desired consistency. mince the herbs and add to the vegetables, pulse a few times to incorporate. transfer to freezer tray and freeze. you can serve this immediately as well, though it should cool. it will only keep in the refrigerator for a few days though.

on the bottom is cous cous with basil and tomatoes (spaghetti for babies)*. (check your package for exact measurements, but these should be good across the cous cous spectrum.) heat 1/2 cup of water in the microwave for two minutes. add 1/3 cup of plain cous cous to the water, stir, and cover. let sit for 5 minutes, then remove cover and fluff with fork. add a teeny tiny bit of salt and some extra virgin olive oil. finely mince a few leaves of basil and stir through. top with diced tomatoes. i keep this in the fridge for a few days (but keep the tomatoes separate) and it keeps fine. sometimes he eats this topped with salmon instead (his favorite).

he topped off this meal with some halved blueberries and diced peaches (also from the farmers market). i’ll post more blends as i come up with them.

*cous cous is pasta, and therefore contains wheat, a common allergen. if you have not introduced wheat to your child, please monitor them after giving them this dish to ensure that you catch any possible reaction.


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  1. how long does it take for him to eat that full plate of food? 3 minutes? maybe 5? just wait until you can put all the food on the tray and let him feed himself!

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