this morning fritz made it very clear that he would no longer be nursing. he’s been slowly phasing it out over the last few months, but this morning was the final straw. he is done. it takes too long. he’s busy, there is walking to be done. he wants a fast and efficient bottle. i suppose if this were 1842 he’d either starve to death or learn the value of patience. but as it stands, he’s getting his way.

the bitter is hard to swallow. the sweet bonding time. knowing that i’m giving my son the very best (except when i know i’ve had more junk food than an adult should admit to in one day). being the one person he needs to survive. the fact that breastmilk is free. i will miss it.

the sweet is liberating. i will be able to wear normal bras again, and will probably  lose the last few pounds of baby weight. there will be so much more free time in my day. and, now anyone can feed him, which is wonderful.

i’m glad i waited and let my little man decide when he’d had enough. 9 months of nursing. not bad. not bad at all.


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