tell me clarice, have the lambs stopped screaming?

about a week ago fritz began to shriek. it was subtle at first, a shriek here or there. sometimes clearly in frustration (he would ball up his little fists and shake them whilst the shrieking occurred) and sometimes seemingly out of boredom. it was sporadic and he didn’t appear to be in pain, and so we weren’t worried.

however, as of yesterday he is a full-time shrieker. we hear him shrieking through the monitor when he wakes up. we look in, and he’s sitting there, just shrieking. he shrieks if he’s sitting and playing and wants to stand. he shrieks if you hold him and he wants to get down. i also found out that he can shriek through an entire 45 minute grocery shopping excursion, apparently immune to the looks of pity and frustration that other shoppers give his mother. the bottom line is that he is this close to walking, so that’s all he wants to do. walk. 24/7. he will shriek and put his arms up so that we can walk him around the room. it doesn’t bother him that his mother has to get ready for work, he could care less that dinner needs to be made. he won’t even drink his bottles anymore, he’s that focused on the walking.

there is occasionally a break in the shrieking. when he walks, eats his meals, and then sometimes he moans, which isn’t much better. it’s that low guttural moaning of a person so deeply bored that they are starting to go over the edge. apparently fritz requires a lot of entertainment. this morning after i dropped him off with his grandmother, i turned the radio off and just sat in sweet blissful silence. sigh.

anyway, to remedy all of this we bought him this walker. so far, he’s very confused. he keeps going backwards. i hope he picks up on it because i’m starting to feel like the lambs are going to be screaming forever.


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  1. I didn’t know they sold those anymore. Where can he use it without falling down a flight of stairs? I feel your pain. There have been many times I have sat in my car with the radio off just for a moment of silence. Hang in there. It will get better.

    • oh yeah, they still sell ’em. i hear that they hinder development some because the babies can’t see their feet…so walking takes a bit longer. we only really plan to use it when we NEED to be doing something else, you know? honestly, he’s so close it won’t be long.
      we put a gate up so that he wouldn’t fall down the stairs, but it needs to be on the wood (won’t roll on the carpet).

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