to the beach!

we just took fritz on his first beach trip! i was nervous, because he’s still a baby and they aren’t known for loving sand or the ocean.

we went to charleston and were only there for six days, but fritz had his own suitcase. a big suitcase. we decided to fly to save ourselves the anguish of two 10 hour car rides with an infant, and that proved to be a good choice. the flight down was a breeze. he stuck his hands in the air a few times and grunted to indicate a desire to walk, but we just ignored that and pretended like he was saying “i want to play with the sesame street remote control again” and shoved it his way. he didn’t cry, which rocked my world.

8.16 helping unpack

we stayed at the home of a friend of nana fritz. it was beautiful, and free. the latter part made it even more beautiful. we decided it would be in our best interest to rent a crib (instead of wrestling with the pack & play) and got one through baby’s away of charleston. dude. this was the best service. if you are ever anywhere near charleston and in need of something for a child, call paula.

the beach was wonderful. sunny and warm, and the water was blissful. fritz grabbed papa fritz’s hands the moment we got to the beach the first time and went for a walk. we brought a baby pool for him (and filled it up with ocean water), and while he did use that, he also immediately fell in love with the water. the kid is fearless (this will be a great characteristic later in life, but it is really scary for mama fritz right now).

8.16 i love this place

we only had one overcast day at the beach, but were still able to get in a little ocean time. the waves were higher that day and fritz wasn’t too into those. i think they scared him a little.

8.16 shovel

throughout the whole trip he only tried to eat the sand twice, and learned pretty quickly that it wasn’t something he was into.

8.16 eating sand

while we were in charleston fritz tried fried chicken for the first time (that went over really well, of course) at jestine’s and he cut two new teeth. as you can imagine, the drool was out of control. he was, as ever, a trooper though. we also went to magnolia plantation for a little history with our vacation. it was beautiful (especially the gardens) though it was a million degrees that day.

8.16 magnolia bridge

the trip home was a little more bumpy. no afternoon nap and not being allowed to walk makes fritz a grumpy boy. we were all happy to get home, unscathed, from our first family vacation!


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