not the “i’m making bread and this helps it rise” kind of yeast. the “ohmygodwhathappenedtomychildwhilehewassleeping!?” kind of yeast.

the day before our beach trip fritz suddenly developed a yeast diaper rash. i was totally freaked at first, thoughts of “ohmygod, what is wrong with my perfect baby?!” and “what is that!?” were flying through my head. sure, he’d had a diaper rash before (fewer than most, which i attribute to the cloth diapers he wears), but nothing like this. i will spare you a photograph of what a yeast diaper rash looks like, but trust me, it’s…upsetting.

we had already made the decision to use disposable diapers on our beach vacation (this was a tough call for me, but ultimately, the idea of cloth diapering on a plane and at the beach was just too much for me. not to mention doing laundry on vacation…no thanks!) so we just stuck him in those a day early and decided to deal with the diapers when we got home.

the rash seemed to go away very quickly. after frantic calls to my cousin, mother, mother in law, and pediatrician, i determined that a combination of clotrimazole (which is the generic name for the anti-fungal more commonly referred to as lotrimin) and triple paste should do the trick. over the next several days we schmeared those both on at every diapering and also let him air out by not wearing a diaper whenever possible (admittedly most of these occasions were on the beach, but still, we tried) and also made sure he was super try “down there” whenever we put a diaper on. the rash came and went, but did improve. we are still battling this, and i’ve read that vinegar applied directly to the rash helps a lot. has anyone tried this? i’m at a loss as to what to do to finally clear it up.

thing is, we can’t use the cloth diapers that i love so much until it’s gone. the yeast is contagious, which means that we have to do some seriously strict diaper cleaning at casa fritz, and i only want to do that once, thankyouverymuch. just how strict does the diaper cleaning have to be?

well, my research has suggested washing and drying the diapers at a very high heat and using vinegar in the rinse cycle (about 1/2 cup) is a good start. some also implied that the use of grapefruit seed extract would really do the trick (honestly, how do people determine these things? do they just sit around trying anything and everything until something works? who was the first person to try this, and why?) though i have no idea where to procure the stuff locally.

cloth diapers

i’ve put out the bat signal to the local cloth diaper shop for input and suggestions. in the meantime, i’ve done a really hot soak, wash, and dry of all 40 diapers.

cloth diapers soaking

stay tuned for part two of the yeast saga, and feel free to leave comments with suggestions if you have encountered this before. i’d love to have some feedback!

for anyone interested, the diapers pictured are bummis aio ‘easy fit’ pocket diapers. we love them. we’ve tried others (fitted with covers and the infamous bum genius aio’s) but nothing fits as well or is as simple as these. i seriously can’t say enough good things about them.

7.9 haute couture

here is fritz modeling one while playing at his water table last month. they come in super cute colors and patterns, but fritz was feeling classic that day, so we went with white.


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