some updates


we are back in cloth! i put out the bat signal to my local cloth diaper shop and got back a response very quickly. she recommended a lot of very hot water and a very hot dryer. she also recommended sunshine, which apparently kills bacteria. however, since this weekend was full of torrential downpours, the heat will have to do. i was pretty over the disposables, though i can see their allure. the only downside of this is that fritz will now have bubble butt again, meaning his clothes will no longer fit. (bubble butt is cute though…just sayin’.)

baby food

i spent the bulk of the weekend making meals for fritz. he seemed totally unimpressed by my effort…it’s like he thinks it all just grows on a food tree. at any rate, i have 5 new baby food recipes to share with you over the next few days, yay! fritz has tested each of these and really likes them all. i’m going to be using a newly patented fritz rating system for consistency, so stay tuned for that.

grump* food

as you probably know by now borders is going out of business. because of this their entire store is 30-50% off right now so naturally we went and bought a ton of books. i got three new cookbooks, and have decided to do reviews of each of them for you. my plan is to make a recipe every day for one week from the same book, then write a brief review of each recipe and an overall review of the book. i will probably go back and do this with some of my older books as well (of which i have many…papa fritz likes to imply that i have a ‘problem’, but he’s wrong). at any rate, the first book is so easy by ellie krieger.

*this is what my brother and i called grown ups when we were kids. we were so cute.

big boy

my big boy got a hair cut in an actual salon over the weekend. which is good, because his hair was like a mop that trapped nothing by food particles. i kinda miss it’s messiness though, i’m not going to lie. also, my son is suddenly a big boy. i’m not sure when it happened, but he is officially very decidedly not a baby any more. just take a look at this:

8.19 straw

that is a sippy cup with a straw! and he’s all nonchalant about it…why can’t we just trap them at this age for a few years? i’m not ready for him to grow up!


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