wii fit

i dusted off the wii fit last night in an attempt to recapture the waistline of a bygone era. there was actually a layer of dust on it, and it announced to me that it had been 345 days since i’d last logged in. guilt trip! truly “fit” people will look at this post and think “wow, the wii fit? really making a commitment to exercise, aren’t you?” and to these people i say, “eh, kinda.”

i want to be thinner, i really do. i know i’d be happier if i were in better shape, i’d feel better, i’d sleep better, and hauling around my gigantic child would come easier (more on that in a moment). but i honestly do not have a lot of free time these days. fritz is…needy. in a few months i think i’ll be able to pop him in the jogging stroller and go for a wog (a walk/jog) or sit him down in the basement with some toys while i do a pilates dvd, but with bottles and naps it’s just a little too hard right now. anyway, the wii fit still kicks my butt. i don’t know if this is because i’m morbidly obese or if it really is a solid exercise program. the wii fit claims it is the former. jerk.

anyway, after i did my yoga/strength training combo, i decided to weigh fritz. i had to use a “guest” mii since i haven’t created one for him yet, and i loved when it realized his age and made him a baby. seeing his mii crawl onto the screen is also adorable. i like that my mii has someone to hang out with too, she was looking a little forelorn (and chubby) in the wii fit plaza.

Wii fit

anyway, the wii told me that i needed to hold him and that it would subtract my weight from the total, giving us his weight. perfect! we stood there and it measured us (…measuring…measuring…measuring…) and then told me that my ten month old child is just shy of 25 pounds. 25 freaking pounds! i’m hoping that there is some sort of calibration issue (which would explain my weight as well, thankyouverymuch) but if not, wow. just wow. the kid isn’t fat, he’s got rolls of course, but he is slim. much slimmer than i expected my baby to be. he eats like a horse though, and i guess it must be settling into his legs or something, because the kid just keeps gaining weight.

anyway, back to me! i’m trying to set a goal for myself to do some wii fit every day or so. i don’t want to set unrealistic goals for myself (i know just how much “alone” time i get in a day, and it’s not much), but i do think i should be able to make it a habit. and they say that’s the hardest part!


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  1. you are freaking hilarious court. I love “the wii fit claims it is the former. jerk.” part. I laughed out loud. and almost snorted coffee out of my nose. almost.

    Don’t worry about the 25 pounds. Des is perfect. If the doctors were worried they would tell you so. And they haven’t. So just enjoy your perfectly chubbilicious boy. More to cuddle.

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