do i amuse you? like a clown?

my little fritz has quite the sense of humor. until recently he focused mainly on laughing at other people. i’ve been told that this is a sign of intelligence, and i’m choosing to believe that is true (unlike when i was told that he would need braces on his legs to correct his slight duck-footedness—i choose not to believe that is true).

things like popping noises made with the mouth and hair in his face are a source of endless giggles around chez fritz. if he’s having a grumpy diaper change i will make clucking noises with my mouth, and he will predictably erupt into fully blown belly chuckles. when distracting him from something dangerous causes a frustrated whine, picking him up and plopping him down while making “oomph” sounds always gets a smile. in short, he’s easy to please.

recently he’s taken to making people laugh, which is a new development. i’m sure this is a sign that he is brilliant (rather than merely intelligent), making it even more exciting. he has become an indian giver* with his toys, which is hilarious as far as he’s concerned. he will mimic noises or movements that we make in order to get our attention (which is comical when you think about how infrequently our attention is diverted from him) and—once he has it—repeat the winning combination of sounds/movements until we laugh hysterically.

papa fritz is in chicago for work, so i’ve been home alone with fritz for two days now. having a mini stand up comedian around the house makes being a (temporary) single parent so much more enjoyable.

my favorite part of the video is at the :23 mark where he goes all senor psychopants impatient on me as if to say “you aren’t doing it fast enough mama!” he’s trying so hard to mimic me here and, i swear i could smell his little brain cooking. (not really, don’t get your panties in a bunch.)

also, please note the :12 mark where i scare the bejesus out of him by making the noise that has been making him giggle for 10 minutes straight. fickle little man.

*i’ve done some internet research and it seems as though this term is not considered pc anymore. i don’t really intend to stop using it, i’m just giving you a heads up that better people** than myself recommend replacing the term indian giver with renegger or welcher. sigh.

**just to be clear, i don’t really think hypersensitive people are better than me.


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