we are still a few weeks away from full blown walking around chez fritz. but i can feel it coming, like a cold that starts slow and then wallops you square in the face when it finally arrives in full force.

fritz is experimenting with moving past the creeping stage. he will cling to the table and use his little arms to judge the distance to the tv stand (as if it may be different from the last time he checked). if it’s too far to chance, he will plop down on his cloth diaper padded bum and crawl 3 inches and then pull himself back up again (thereby pulling open the door and adding yet another bruise to the ever-growing collection on his forehead).

last night he tried a new trick: the stairs.

i watched him crawl over and thought to myself: crap. i followed him at a safe but supportive distance, and let him discover on his own (which may have been the hardest thing i’ve ever done). the squeals of joy that he let out when he reached the top were so sweet. he was clearly quite proud of his achievement.

the summit!

this marks the end of an era and to me, and that is both exciting and terrifying. he was already a very independent child, and that is going to increase two-fold with his new skill. walking can’t be far behind.

for now? i need to invest in gates. and knee pads. and maybe a helmet.

ok, ok. just the gates.


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