is it ever really baby proof?

fritz is sick.

i’m not sure exactly what is wrong, but the poor little guy is not feeling up to par. he’s been having some gastrointestinal distress (i won’t disgust you with details), and has been generally out of it. also, now he has a bad diaper rash (not the diaper rash) from said gastrointestinal distress. things that should not be are very red and swollen.

he’s in the snuggly phase of being sick, though that was probably brought on by the benedryl i gave him more than anything else. in my defense: i had to. apparently some diaper rashes are quite itchy because the kid can’t keep his hands out of his diaper. he hasn’t been eating well, and to be honest, i could tell it was coming on. he’s so stoic though that i usually end up making an appointment in the midst of his worst symptoms, thereby negating any positive effect the appointment could have. i have to learn to read him better.

anyway, two nights ago he crawled up the stairs to sit with me while i was making dinner. i gave him some old plastic crate & barrel measuring spoons to play with/chew on. he was content, and my dream of having a child play happily underfoot while i prepared dinner was finally realized.

last night, the same thing happened. only this time, when i turned away, he promptly discarded the measuring spoons and dove for the expensive organic oatmeal that he eats for breakfast every morning. you know, the container with the spout in the side of the box that won’t stay closed no matter how well you tuck it back in?

he spent the next several minutes licking powdered oatmeal off his hands and fighting the dog for the pile on the floor while i transferred the contents of the faulty packaging to ancient hand-me-down tupperware container. take that baby-mess-maker!

note to self: finish baby-proofing the house.


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