instagram roundup

...from asian chicken wrap dinner...


...custom printed daizy babies diaper and wrap...


...from asian chicken wrap dinner...


...laceweight cashmere cowl on size 0 needles... for fritz's breakfast...


2 responses

  1. Courtney, I served the potato pizza, and it was delicious. I did make an inadvertent adjustment, however. Without my glasses I wrote the list of missing ingredients for my trip to the grocery store. I had written naan but on review I also wrote “ham”, “seeing” that on the list too. (You have to admit that naan and ham, written, appear as similar.) So when I got to cooking, I did add bits of shredded ham to one of the naan(s). It was also delicious. I guess being farsighted can be a catalyst for all sorts of new recipes!

  2. mrs. l,
    mam and potato are delicious together…so if you had add anything extra, i’m glad it was that! i’m so glad that the potato pizza went over well at chez larkin! maybe i’ll try it with the ham now too!

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