asparagus, green bean, and mint puree

fritz loves green beans…he’s like his father that way. i seriously think i could give him just green beans for an entire meal and he’d be ok with it. i recently decided to pair his favorite vegetable with another vegetable he loves, asparagus. i added a touch of mint to keep it bright and fresh, and he gobbles it right up. warning: this puree will give your sweet smiling baby asparagus pee…do not be alarmed, it is perfectly normal. this recipe gets 4 out of 5 “nums” on the fritz scale.

asparagus, green bean, and mint puree

asparagus, green beans, and mint

  • one bunch asparagus
  • one bag (or 1/2#) of green beans
  • mint

remove the woody ends from the asparagusĀ  (and if you are like us, save them for the dog, he’ll thank you) and cut into chunks. remove stems from green beans and cut into chunks. if using a beaba you will need to steam the asparagus and the green beans in batches on the #2 water setting. if you are using a pot and a steaming attachment or steaming basket, you can cook them all at once. once everything is steamed add it to a food processor (or work in batches using the beaba) and then add finely minced mint. pour into freezer trays and freeze.


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