game day

around our house we bleed purple. at least during football season.

if someone had told me three years ago that i would type that sentence i would have laughed in their face. i wasn’t really a fan. football grew on me gradually like a pair of crocs* that you buy with the intention of only wearing when gardening, but then slowly incorporate into your grocery shopping garb, then with jeans on casual friday…it’s a downward spiral, and there is no escaping it.

i was reared in a redskins family, as befit the geography of my upbringing. my parents and grandparents threw viewing parties for big games (i remember the redskins/cowboys games most fondly). it was a big deal, and though i never “liked” football i understood it’s cultural importance.

9.11 yay football

being married to a true football lover (more specifically, a lover of the baltimore ravens) has changed me though. i realized that if i wanted to spend time with my husband on any given sunday during football season, it would need to be spent in front of our gigantic television. sunday turned into sunday and monday, and then that became sunday, monday, and sometimes thursday…but at that point i was hooked. i don’t know when it happened, but i am now a true football fan. i watch games even when he’s not around. i follow the nfl, the ravens, and several players on facebook and twitter, and i know what a hail mary pass is.

9.11 this is how you block

anyway, in our season opener we played our bitter nemesis, the pittsburgh steelers (they don’t deserve a link). we stomped them. it was wonderful. of course papa fritz and i were all decked out in our respective ravens gear and we took the opportunity to spruce fritz up appropriately as well. here is is rocking his ray rice #27 jersey.

9.11 mama and des

What’s your family’s favorite team?

*true story: i have a pair of ravens crocs.


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