first birthday party

last saturday we had a big family party for fritz’s first birthday. the party was yo gabba gabba themed (which i think was pretty confusing to the unindoctrinated). there were brightly colored napkins, plates, and balloons. there were delicious cupcakes with muno, foofa, brobee, toody, and plex.



there were handmade garlands and streamers, and food, of course.

the spread

and there was one precious little man in the middle of it all.

with nana

family and friends were very generous with their gift-giving, and fritz had fun “opening” packages…

opening a package

"yay, alphabet train!"

and “reading” cards.

des and ev

we had a special cake baked by fritz’s aunt amber for the birthday boy. it was all his to eat, smash, smear, etc. here’s a cake play-by-play for you:

totally awesome dj lance rock cake before:
dj lance rock cake, before

blowing out the candle (he really loved it when we sang to him):
blowing out the candle

“maybe just a bite…”
"maybe i''ll take just one bite..."

“mmmmm, buttercream is good!”
mr. one-derful

“like, really good!”
"mmm, this rocks!"

cake after:
cake, after

after the festivities died down, we went down to the park for a little swing and slide.

on the swing

on the slide

as you can tell, he’s exhausted in these pictures. he refused an evening nap, but slept like a champ that night!

so i’d say all-in-all, a successful first birthday for little fritz!


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