bacon pancakes

yup. you read that right.

if you’ve spent any time over at pinterest recently, you’ve likely seen this:

i know, right?! so i took it upon myself to make this a reality.

this isn’t really a “recipe”, it’s more an instruction. i’m not even sure that you need instructions, but i’m going to provide them anyway because i’m that kinda gal.

bacon pancakes

bacon IN the pancakes...

i used a griddle, and it worked well. you will need to cook the bacon first, until it is crisp. work in batches, setting it aside as it finishes cooking. while this is happening make the pancake batter. i made mine in a 4 cup measuring cup, which worked well because it has a spout (you’re gonna want a spout).

batter in a measuring cup...

once the bacon is cooked, lay 4-5 pieces on the griddle evenly spaced. pour the pancakes over the bacon to coat them evenly. wait until bubbles appear on the sides of the pancakes, and then flip. you don’t even need to butter the griddle because the bacon grease works as a lovely fat here. when i needed more, i just dipped a paper towel into the drippings on the side and lightly coated the pan. hey, i never claimed it was healthy!

the delicious pancakes...

notes: turns out, when making breakfast for my mom in the 50’s and 60’s, my grandfather used to chop up cooked bacon and add it to waffles, so this is clearly not a new concept. we served our with copious amounts of syrup. so. freaking. good.


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