use the force

halloween in baltimore city is a sad and scary thing. most of the neighbors don’t really participate in handing out candy, and parents travel in protective flocks of children in order to keep them safe. umm…no thanks!

we opted to take fritz out into the suburbs and let him trick-or-treat in relative safety in a neighborhood jam packed with children (lots of captain america’s this year, sup with that?). fritz’s little friend had other friends over as well, so there was a total of 4 children and 4 adults. seemingly an even playing field, but not really. chaos ensued we fed them, did homework with them, dressed them, and then did a photo shoot. fritz was yoda (of course) and shockingly loved the “hat” portion of his costume. here he is in all his cuteness.

battling a pumpkin with his mini lightsaber (which he repeatedly tossed on the ground in an attempt to shatter it…it’s still ticking though!):
10.31 yoda

hanging out with a replica of himself:
10.31 yoda and yoda

a rare photo of yoda with his father:
10.31 yoda and daddy

everything went well. we didn’t really collect much candy for him because i won’t let him eat it (i know, i know, i suck the fun out of everything). but he seemed to have a good time with the other kids. he did tire quickly though, and when we brought him in we tried for a photo shoot with his friend evelyn (or the “candy corn witch”).

he decided to poke her in the face, which made him giggle, though she quickly lost patience with his games:
10.31 des and ev

finally we got the best shot of the two of them (and it’s still not very good, but will suffice):
10.31 sleepy kids

after that, we took yoda home. he refused to remove his “hat” for the car ride though (the kid knows how to stay in character!), but we managed to pry it off to give him a bath and put him to bed.

all-in-all, our first halloween out and about was a roaring success! how was yours?


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  1. why didn’t you give him a bath with the yoda hat on? I mean, he hates having his hair washed anyway. Yoda is adorable. And so is your son. Ha! I kill me.

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