grumpy gus

i am well aware that i usually post uber-smiley photos of dear sweet fritz, but lately it seems as though he’s been grumpy more and more often. part of it is that he’s been sick, and part of it is teething (i think, though it’s hard to know for sure because he won’t let me put my finger in his mouth to check), but part of it is sleepiness in the evening due to not napping in the afternoon.

both of these pictures were taken during dinner within the last week:

grumpy guscrying

heartbreaking, right?

we get home from work, spend about an hour playing with him or going for family walks together, and then come home to give him dinner at 6:30 on the dot. however, at that point he’s done. completely finished. exhausted. annoyed. irritable. grumpy. whatever you want to call it, he’s miserable.

he won’t eat. he whines and shrieks a lot. he pushes food around his tray or turns his face away. it’s awful. i mean, the only time papa fritz and i get with him during the week are those few precious evening hours and they are becoming tiresome.

we’ve toyed with the idea of putting him to bed half an hour earlier, but i know that means he will likely get up half an hour earlier, and i just don’t think i can handle that. do you think it’s daylight savings time? does his bedtime need to be adjusted? should we move to one nap a day?



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  1. well, i’ve already given my advice. Move to one nap a day SLOWLY. Push his morning nap back by a half hour every couple of days until he’s going down for his ONE nap around noon or 12:30. Hopefully he’ll sleep his normal 3-4 hours. That should really help. Also, I would move up his dinner time to 6pm. I know you need to walk the dog, but Des is more important than Tucker. IF you feed him earlier, perhaps you can make it through dinner without the tears.

    Also, they say sleep begets sleep, so I wouldn’t throw out moving bedtime up a half hour. Daylight savings time in the fall is the DEVIL. He will adjust (Natalie is still getting up super early), but you may want to consider moving bed time a half hour earlier…you may be surprised and find that he still sleeps to his normal time in the morning. BUT don’t do both at the same time. I would start with naps. GOOD LUCK!

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