fritz is really talking up a storm these days, and this new found form of communication is incredibly helpful. he still does a lot of pointing and some grunting, but he’s started to use words to get what he wants…and i love it!


here is a little list of the words he’s saying right now:

  • kitty (sounds like: giggy)
  • dada
  • mama
  • cat
  • dog
  • ball (of course!)
  • balloon (sounds like: ba bo)
  • turtle
  • star
  • poe (the name of his raven’s pillow pet)
  • flower (though he’s having issues with the “fl” part of the word)
  • pasta (sounds like: baba)
  • book (sounds like bo)
  • moo (the sound a cow makes)

not bad for 13 months! i’ll update the list as he adds more words.

the other day i swear he said both “no” and “more”, but he’s only said each one once, so i’m not including them here.


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