technically, this is the second christmas for our dear fritz, but as he was only two months old the first time around, this is the first one that really counts. christmas is always a busy time of year for us, since we have a lot of family that we try to see and nana fritz’s birthday falls two days before the holiday.

in addition to the visual retrospective below, here are some highlights for fritz: he tasted lamb chops, lobster bisque, meatballs, italian calamari, and banana bread for the first time. he loved all of them. he got lots of new toys (drums, a harmonica, bath toys, a “laptop”, little people, etc.) and books, but it was the cat and dog toy that really stole the show for him. for the first time he actually opened some of his gifts, though he (predictably) lost interest in it pretty quickly.

here are some photos:

with nana fritz on her birthday

"helping" to decorate the tree

checking out his first "laptop"

a boy and his dog

all dressed up for christmas

christmas morning

we hope your christmas (or hanukkah, or winter break) was special. how did you celebrate?


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