an open letter to fritz | vol. 4

dear fritz,

you are walking with confidence now! i thought you’d finally started on christmas eve, but then there was a terrible skull crushing accident, and you were wary again for a while. we started calling you “the boy who lived”, and you earned the title.

the boy who lived.

i didn’t handle the forehead wall meeting very well. in fact, some would say that i handled it very poorly indeed. turns out that when you are in danger, i melt into a puddle of uselessness and tears. however, since then some healing occured (for both of us) and you took off. you stood up one day and just started walking like you’d been doing it for ages. i’m so proud! right now your mind is quicker than your feet…so you get caught up occasionally. but, a new phase has officially begun.

walking with the mower.

you’ve gotten over your bath aversion and now bath time is your favorite time of the day. we’ve been able to do away with all additional supportive bath slings/tubs, etc. as you are now able to sit in the tub like a big boy. you splish and splash and pull every single solitary toy into the tub to play. your favorite activities are reading your bath books and putting objects into this big cup we use to rinse you off. sometimes i hide behind the shower curtain and you pull it aside and squeal with delight. peekaboo never gets old.

you are eating like a pro these days, but are mainly interested in whatever mama and papa have on their plates. the other night you had asian marinated cod because you refused to eat the “baby” food i’d prepared for you. you still love mango and kiwi and bananas. but now you are eating sandwiches and soups as well, which is exciting. i started making you homemade yogurt and you are totally unto the tangy flavor. you had your first dinner of proper spaghetti the other night. you loved eating big hands full of the spaghetti “strings” and were completely covered in sauce by the end of it.

spaghetti feast.

you use about 20-25 words now…not consistently, but you know what they mean and can use them when it suits your needs. you say turtle and wa wa (water) and bowl/ball/book (they all sound very similar, though you are saying three different words). you seem to be meeting all of your developmental milestones and this makes me feel…reassured.

for some reason, whenever i put a new shirt on you, you smell the left sleeve. i can’t tell if it’s ocd or if you just really like the way the detergent smells.

you still aren’t much of a “toy” kid. you love these bouncy balls we got you for christmas. other than that your favorite thing to do is go pick a book from the bin (lately, “duck & goose”) and climb up into my lap so that we can “read” it together. you point at things in the book and i tell you what they are/what sounds the animals make and you flip through with intense concentration, making sure you haven’t missed a thing. sometimes this goes on for 30 minutes. sometimes we only make it through two pages before you lose interest. but it’s the best part of my day.

more books.

i can’t wait to see what else is waiting around the corner with you…every day is a new and exciting surprise!

i love you,



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  1. Courtney — I am really enjoying these chronicles of your son’s growth, You have a very sweet “voice” and will look back fondly on these remembrances when he is grown and (perhaps!) far away. The joy of motherhood radiates from you– keep up the great work 🙂

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