an open letter to fritz | vol. 5

dear fritz,

you are so very busy these days. you never sit still and mama and papa have learned the art of practicing constant vigilance while completing household chores. you find ways to elude us though, and we will catch you in the act of throwing a handful of cat food on the floor, or dipping your mittens into the dogs water bowl 30 seconds before a walk in 32 degree weather. you run almost everywhere now, and hardly ever sit still. the only thing that gets you to pause is the gentle glow if nick jr. namely, the fresh beat band and yo gabba gabba (which you call “gabba”).

the gentle glow of nick jr.

you’ve fully transitioned into toddler food/adult food now, no more purees for you! initially i was thrilled because this meant that i no longer had to make you baby food. then i realized i had to start making you toddler food and the excitement quickly wore off. for the most part you eat like a champ. you will try almost anything, and often shock us with your favorites. (mac and cheese is still on the “no” list, however, “crunchies” – raw broccoli slaw drizzled with rice wine vinegar – is on the “yes” list.) you’ve started using forks and spoons on your own, which is…messy! you love this new found freedom and don’t seem to notice the puddles of yogurt/applesauce/pasta that accumulate on your tray and shirt/head/pants/arms.

mommy let me use the spoon!

i’ve started making you a bento box for breakfast and lunch every day. it’s been a fun and interesting way to introduce new foods to you, and also lets me keep track of how many vegetables you eat every day (an essential part of motherhood). the bento boxes get a lot of comments, and i love how cute and little everything is. your favorite part are the teeny tiny picks/forks that are shaped like animals. you are quite partial to the hot pink giraffe.

3.8.12 bento: an antipasto and sweet fruit exploration

i was a bit of a wreck earlier this month when you had to have minor surgery. they had to put you under general anesthesia and though they told me it would only take 15 minutes, it took over an hour. you were back on your feet within two hours and would not slow down to rest the whole of the first day. i (predictably) handled the situation with less confidence, but once i saw how well you were doing, i calmed down. (a little.) you are well on your way to being completely healed now, and with the all clear from the surgeon, mama is glad that experience is over!


you’ve started using new words lately. you say “moo” and “baa” for the cows and sheep we look at in picture books. you say “moon” when you want us to read you goodnight moon (your new favorite book). you try to say spoon, though it sounds more like “boon”. you say “me me” when you want me to pick you up, and “mommy” instead of mama. you ask for your “ninny” when you want your pacifier, and you even say “bubby” for bubba, your stuffed teddy bear. you walk to the refrigerator and say “cold” when you want this elmo cold pack that you are obsessed with. (sadly, you chewed through it the other day and elmo had to take a trip in the trash can…ifyouknowwhatimean.

elmo goes bye bye

you weigh almost 30 pounds and are 33″ tall. you are wearing 2t clothes and size 6.5 shoes. so…you are a big kid! we will have to turn the carseats around soon, and get you out of a high chair! now, if you could just work on not throwing your sippy cups, you’ be a big kid in more ways than one!

until next time…

all my love,



4 responses

  1. love reading these. your love for your son is so evident. you are a great mommy (not mama). Love YOU and that beautiful kid of yours.

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