sugar high

obviously this isn’t the first easter that fritz has celebrated, but he was so young for his first (he couldn’t even sit up and we had to prop him to take photos…it was pretty cute actually) that it may as well be.

the lucky little boy ended up with four baskets: one from us, one from nana fritz, one from mom mom fritz, and one from his cousin stella.  in all of those baskets he only ended up with one rice krispies egg, one chocolate bunny, and fruit snacks. so, that was a success! i put pretzels into his eggs because he loves them so much. with the exception of the fruit snacks and a few bites of carrot cake, he actually didn’t have any sweets at all on easter day. yay us!

here are some photos of the day…

4.9 finding an egg

4.9 transfixed

4.9 the blur

easter was very happy this year. we got the chance to spend a lot of time with family and fritz enjoyed every moment of it. at just shy of 18 months he’s growing by leaps and bounds right now…

i hope everyone else had a wonderful holiday!


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