this week…

…has been hard. papa fritz is in finland negotiating a contract, and i’m at home with captain chaos and his sidekick all week. they get into tons of trouble and are always underfoot. the cat does nothing to help, she’s useless, but cute. i have no time for words, but here are some photos of how we’ve spent our time…


he likes to eat the tops of his yogurts…this is my current favorite face, by the way.



pre-walk, in his jaunty hat with an apple to snack on. delicious.


mr. snuggles

mommy’s very snugly boy.


hugs for tucker

we say “hugs for tucker” and this is what he does. heart. melting.


harry potter

someone was very proud of the harry potter-esque wound on his forehead.


gushers "fruit" snacks. uh hunh.

nana gave him gushers “fruit” snacks. uh hunh, fruit, right.


kisses for nana

kisses for nana.


tucker kisses

kisses for tucker (we are very into kissing right now).


devilish grin

devilish grin.


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