yesterday, my sweet baby boy turned two. i have no idea how the time has gone so fast, it seems like just yesterday that he was born, and yet, here we are, fully encamped in toddlerhood.

he exhibits all of the standard traits of a toddler; impatience, an unwillingness to share, a short temper, and boundless energy. his favorite sentences are “i do, i do, i do!”, “my [insert object here]!”, and “no!”. however, he also has some amazing qualities that completely eclipse the norms. he uses “please” and “thank you” more often than most adults, he loves to stand at the counter with me and sample tidbits of food as i cook/prepare meals, he will try anything once (anything, really), and when he’s feeling quiet he will sit in my lap and “chat” with me while he runs his fingers through my hair. he really likes my hair.

he’s grown so much in the last two years, and i don’t mean physically—though he is over three feet tall and just shy of 32 pounds these days. he’s become an individual, a completely unique person that is part me (he rubs his feet together when he’s sleepy and i often catch him staring off into space like i know i do) and part daddy (he’s mastered the people’s eyebrow and loves briny olives) but is still somehow totally new.

i love who he is. i cherish this time with him, and i long to know who he will eventually become. he is a joy and my treasure, my sweet baby boy, and there will never be another exactly like him.

happy second birthday fritz.


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