instagram roundup

we packed up the whole family and headed up to pennsylvania this past weekend to celebrate my niece’s 7th birthday. it was a blast…here’s a little instagram roundup for your viewing pleasure.

knitting in the car

making molars

baking buddies

nice view



instagram roundup

...from asian chicken wrap dinner...


...custom printed daizy babies diaper and wrap...


...from asian chicken wrap dinner...


...laceweight cashmere cowl on size 0 needles... for fritz's breakfast...

me time

i’ve been knitting papa fritz a sweater since december. i’m custom designing it for him, in my favorite yarn, in the most delicious color…but i just haven’t been into knitting it lately. it could make the excuse that it’s because of the weather, but that has never stopped me before. the truth is that i’ve become so wrapped up in being “mommy” that i’ve just stopped knitting.

however, over the weekend i got some much needed “me time” and was able to knit three rows. this is a paltry amount by any knitters standards, but it symbolizes more than just knitting for me. it’s a reminder that i need to keep doing what i love and not become totally lost in being “mom”.

therefore, tonight, i continue to knit. this winter, papa fritz will have a new sweater!